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A local accounting team full of local knowledge and total understanding

Choosing a good bookkeeper can make or break a business. We can be the difference between turning a profit or a making a loss. It's important for your bookkeeper to know your business and be prepared to go the extra mile to learn and grow with you, always keeping pace with your needs.

Our team are as at home in a builders merchants as we are in an all female office and are able to work from your place of business as needed or our offices as needed. When any business hires us, we do to our due diligence and endeavour to know and understand that business or individuals services to a point where we can offer the best bookkeeping or accounting service possible.

Our knowledge of the local area and the business landscape of Southport and surround areas including Lancashire and Merseyside gives you access to a level service and knowledge of bookkeeping, credit control and general accountancy that will help your business thrive through better functionality, greater profitably the scope to grow.

Our team work as a single unit and support each other to provide the flexible services you need at the same time as ensuring continuity of our services at all times. If you choose SABP we will always be on hand when needed, that's a guarantee!

Meet the SAPB Bookkeeping Team

Sue Shaw

Sue Shaw

I have an excess of 30 Years working experience in bookkeeping and administration, mainly within the engineering and manufacturing sectors. During this time I progressed from office junior at Kinning’s of Southport to financial controller for the entire UK subsidiary for the SureTank group.

After deciding to become the master of my own destiny, I set up as SAPB. Having seen a gap in the market between accountancy and the average bookkeeping service available in Southport. I knew I could fill that gap and give small businesses and sole traders in Southport the benefits of a larger bookkeeping organisation with added local business knowledge and an individual touch, only a small locally based bookkeeper could provide.

I aim to provide a high-quality of service across all aspects bookkeeping, credit control and general accounting with the aim tp help businesses function better, more profitably and with greater scope to grow and prosper.

Sue away from bookkeeping

My passions include my beautiful dogs, my numerous beautiful shoes and shall I say the odd handbag! Away from bookkeeping I enjoy a good bit of banter and can't wait for the for the Formula One season to start so I can see my wonderful David Coulthard once more!

“Accounts and payroll have an image of the mundane, but is it mundane to make sure you're maximising your income, I think not!”

Manda Shaw

Manda Shaw (Bookkeeper)

I have over 8 years experience working within business administration with both small and medium sized business. During these formative admin years I have covered accounts, payroll and general admin but I’d have to say that my talents lay in organisation.

Our services are all about offering the absolute best levels of outsourced accounting and bookkeeping at a cost effect price. The efficiency of the entire team is key to this being achieved and where I feel I excel (pardon the pun). I help to organise our workload so that SAPB can deliver the best quality bookkeeping, administration, VAT and Payroll services to businesses in and around my local area of Southport.

Manda away from bookkeeping

My non-bookkeeping passions centre around three things. Clothes, my gorgeous dogs and Trucks! A perfect evening in for me would involve my dogs and as many episodes of ice road truckers as we could lay our paws on! Continuing with the truck theme, last year I met the stars of TV show Lizardlick, Amy and Ronnie at truckfest, a great honour! I have the sweatshirts and all to prove it.

“If I can make someone else’s day a little easier and a bit less stressy, simply by doing my job well, then that makes my day.”


Sarah (Administrative Assistant)

I previously worked with Sue at SureTank UK’s accounting department supporting her varied bookkeeping role covering everything from general accountancy and credit control to payroll and VAT returns

When a chance came to work with Sue again at SAPB, I jumped in feet first and haven't looked back. I and can say with all honesty I love supporting both Sue and Manda in helping businesses across Southport with their accountancy needs and contributing to providing a truly professional service often at the same time as often reducing their costs. In the future, I hope to help SAPB grow and develop both my skills and qualifications within bookkeeping further.

Sarah away from bookkeeping

Away from accounts and payroll, my life is pretty dull! Music festivals, blingy dresses and Saturday morning nails and brows. The Problem is this just can't compare to the thrill of a VAT rebate, the fast pace of a late Self-Assessment submission or the excitement of chasing down a late payer acting on behalf of our clients as their credit control!

My passion when outdoors is offroading! I love a good land rover with high water exhaust fitted!

“I do get a little kick when I see something i've done for a little business make a big difference to them. ”

Axle Shaw

Axle Shaw (Credit Control Specialist)

Woff woff wooof grrrrrr wofff, credit control...grrrrr woffff woff grrr woff, wooff wooff woff grrrrrr woff! Grrrrrr woofff wof woff, grrrrr woffff woff grrr credit control...woff, wooff wooff wooff grrrr woff. Woff woof grrrrrr wofff, grrrrr woffff woff grrr woff, woff woff woff grrrrrr woff! Grrrr woff woff, grrrrr woffff woff grrr woff, woff woff woff grrrr. Grrr grrrr grrrrr woooffff woofff, grrrrr woffff woff credit control.... grrr wooff, woff woff woff grrrrrr woff! Grrrrrr woofff wof wooff, grrrrr woffff woff grrr woff, woff woff woff grrrr woff. Woff woof grrrrrr wofff, grrrrr woffff credit control.... woff grrr wooff, wooff woooff woff grrrrrr woff! Grrrr wooff wooff, grrrrr woffff woff grrrrrr grrrr grrr woff, wooff wooff woff grrrr woff

Axle away from bookkeeping

Woof...my passions inlude grrrrrr chasing and fetching, playing with my family and i'll be grrrrrrr woff honest...chasing up naughty late payers grrrrrr woof grrrrrrr.

“I love credit control almost as i love my bones!”

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