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Credit Control Services for Business in Southport

Helping maintain your cash flow and customer relationships

good long-term relationships with your clients is just as important to the success of your business as cash flow. Inevitably and to many business owners dismay these two key factors are often at odds which each other. Overdue and bad debts can at their worst severely affect your cash flow and at best be a continued annoyance and source of tension between you and your clients and their repeat business.

Larger businesses have the benefit of in-house credit control, for smaller businesses the burden usually falls on the owner

Outsourcing your Credit Control to SAPB will help you maintain your most important assets, your good client relationships. Our aim is consistent, on time inflow of cash without the loss of the good will that won you their business in the first place and you have further fostered with your in the process of providing your services

Our Credit Control Services May Involve...


Introduction of automated payment systems to your business

Payment Terms

Inclusion of good practice payment terms between you and your customers

Credit Checks

Credit control checks on new and existing customers along with bad debt analysis

Debt Recovery

Help with debt recovery action in the worst cases through our trusted partners.

SAPB’s friendly but persuasive team will be doing the chasing and the calling.... not you. This will be the likely view taken by you clients. In a nutshell, they’ll take their negative reactions out on us and be less likely to associate the idea of being chased for money with you.

Using SAPB for your credit control makes great business sense financially and personally. We’ll help solve any cash flow issues your have due to slow payment and keep you on good terms with your clients.... it's a win-win. Contact Us Today

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