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VAT Registration, VAT Returns and VAT Advice

An essential service to businesses and individuals in Southport

The Current UK VAT tax system can be incredibly complex Any errors in VAT submission, and subsequent disputes with HMRC can be both additionally complex as well as costly. We provide guidance and assistance on all aspects of VAT.

Has your business reached the VAT threshold and needs registered for VAT or your does your VAT return need preparing?

Could business could benefit from a VAT Review or do you need advice on which VAT Scheme is best for your company?

Whatever you need regarding VAT matters, SAPB can assist you. We will give you the right advice to help you minimise your VAT exposure at the same time as complying with VAT Laws, reducing the chance of any future problems or disputes you may have with HMRC.

VAT Registration

Should I register for VAT?

If your turnover is going to exceed £83,000 within the current financial year, then your business is required to register for VAT. For some businesses, Individuals and charities it can be advantageous to register for VAT before it required. Equally business owners and organisations may fail to register for VAT when needed.

SAPB offers guidance on VAT Registration to companies and individuals in Southport. We can provide assistance with your VAT registration or put plans in place to monitor your books if we see you approaching the VAT Threshold and offer advice regarding pre-registration for VAT.

VAT Returns Service for Business and Individuals Southport

Why spend your valuable time preparing your VAT return alone. SAPB provides expert assistant preparing and completing your VAT Returns forms.  Our service is available to sole traders and businesses in and around Southport.  The team at SAPB have experience with VAT preparation and submission of VAT returns to HMRC for both individuals and organisations across many sectors including VAT Returns for;





Sole Traders

Commercial Sector

Manfacturing Sector


VAT Planning

HRMC recognises that all business will look to minimise their VAT liability as much as they can within the boundaries of current regulations. Your objectives should be, to maximise incoming VAT recovery while minimising your businesses outgoing VAT.

Forward thinking VAT Planning is critical to your businesses success. When planning for VAT There are many factors to take into account One of the main considerations should be that VAT is a transaction based tax and therefore forward planning is crucial to ensure you have the right processes in place.

SAPB's team have the knowledge and experience to help guide you. We will assist you to make the right informed VAT planning and VAT Compliance related decisions and help you put the necessary processes in place to minimise your VAT Exposure and maximise your potential profits and growth prospects.

VAT Reviews for Sole Traders and Businesses in and around Southport

Good VAT planning starts with a VAT Review. A review can highlight areas in your business where you may be able to make savings, increase cash flow and also identify any areas of risk or possible added VAT exposure that may arise in the future.

Whether your business is already liable for VAT and you're looking to identify potential efficiencies or if your companies turnover may rise above the VAT Threshold then a VAT Review with SAPB is a great place to start.

VAT Deregistration in Southport

There are a few reasons a business may wish to deregister for VAT. But sometimes you may simply want to take a step back from doing business, deregistering for VAT due to a planned reduction in turnover or as part of the winding up of a company. For whatever reason, If your companies VAT taxable turnover for the year is less than or equal to the current deregistration threshold or it is expected to fall below the threshold in the next 12 months, your business has the option of deregistering for VAT. SAPB can help guide this decision and assist in the associated administration.

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